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First United Methodist Church, Grenada, MS
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Weekly E-Note from the Pastor
March 20, 2018

Good Morning, Campers! And with spring comes POLLEN!

"Never confuse motion with action."-Ernest Hemingway

Picture a college basketball team, Campers. They're on the floor, passing the ball around the perimeter. Then they work it inside. The power forward kicks it out to the shooting guard, who dribbles and penetrates into the paint, kicking it out to the point guard, who lobs an alley-oop pass to the center, who dribbles twice, passes it to the small forward in the corner, who dribbles the ball until the shot clock expires. Turnover. Not even a shot attempt. In other words,
lots of motion, with no action.

That happens a lot in the Church. We have so many functions, programs, classes, meetings and events, but how much Action?

Here's what the Action is supposed to look like in every United Methodist Church: "Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world." 

Each week, I record various vital statistics for our beloved First United Methodist Church, including worship attendance, Sunday School class attendance, mission projects, giving trends, etc. Yeah, I'm that kind of a nerd!

With all of our Motion, how much Action do you see? 

Consider the program of our church each week. Are each of our meetings focused on Making Disciples, or on something else?

Our classes, circles, and small groups: Are each of these actively Making Disciples, or are we just catching up with our friends?

Our worship attendance: Are we truly Making Disciples, or just trying to soothe our conscience for a roaring Saturday Night?

It's so easy to just come to church and pass the ball around the perimeter. But heck, somebody's gotta score, right?

"Somebody Else will do it." "Somebody else will show up to take my spot in the pew." "Somebody else will invite a lonely person to church." "Somebody else will give to that cause in my place." Ad. Nauseum.

Well, I hate to break it to you, Campers, but Somebody is DEAD. 
Somebody is dead, and they ain't coming back. 
Somebody has to take the shot, and it's YOU. And ME. And Each of us. All of us. Any of us.

Are we so comfortable with the perpetual motion at FUMC that we are not willing to get into action? 

Come to FUMC. Come to Wednesday Night Live. Re-write that Sunday School lesson to PUSH and PULL us into Discipleship, teachers! Reach out to the lonely, and the needy, and the hurting, Campers. 

Let's not be so impressed with all of the Motion that we forget to Make Disciples of Jesus Christ. And to what purpose? "For the transformation of the world!"

In Joy,
Last Lenten Luncheon is Tuesday, March 20, 11:45, with our own Sara Miller preaching! Sara is a Candidate for Ministry in the United Methodist Church and will likely be serving a church beginning in July!
Make your reservations for Wednesday Night Live by noon Tuesday. Guest teacher will be Rev. Bob Cannizzaro, and he'll be leading a study on 1 Corinthians 13. Bring your Bible!
Don't forget the Easter Egg Hunt next Sunday! And the Choir Cantata at 10:55. Invite a friend and come and worship!
Holy Week services at the Presbyterian Church (across the street from FUMC) are each day, March 26-30. "First United Methodist Day" is Tuesday!
Our own Maundy Thursday Service will be on March 29 at 6:00. Come and recognize the Gory Details of Jesus' death, so we can inherit the Glory Details of His Resurrection!
Easter Sunday Services: 6:00 Sunrise Service (at "Sesame Street", next to the emergency spillway), 8:30, and 10:55!
Thanks to our Facilities Manager, Scott Crawford, who got the Church Secretary's office redone last week. Great Job!
That's about it from The Big House, Campers. Have a great week, and remember,
"Don't get so caught up in doing Good Church Work that you forget to do the Work of the Church."