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First United Methodist Church, Grenada, MS
161 South Line St, Grenada, Mississippi 38901 - PH. (662) 226-3148 FAX. (662) 226-3162
Weekly E-Note from the Pastor
December 12, 2017

Good Morning, Campers, and welcome to this week's E-Note!

"He sings, prays twice."-St. Augustine
Granted, St. Augie doesn't look like much of singer, but he's absolutely right. In order for us to sing, we first have to have a thought process. When we think about singing glory to God, and then sing, we've actually praised God twice

All that said, Our Choir's Christmas Cantata is Sunday at 10:55. With the endless hours of rehearsal they've put in, plus the orchestra we have coming in, this is an event not to be missed! 

Music is a vital part of the Christian life, and I pity every person who doesn't have a true love for God's creation of music.

I Love music. Always have. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is playing as I type this. In fact, my Mom recorded in my Baby Book that Little Tommy's first singing was not "Mary had a Little Lamb", or "Jesus Loves Me", but rather, "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!", the chorus of the Beatles' song "She Loves You". 

It is what it is, Campers.

So be sure and catch the Cantata. Hum along with the radio. Make up a tune and sing it in the shower. But especially as we near Christmas, recognize and celebrate God's gift of music!

In Joy, and Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,
Speaking of music, our senior adult choir, The Silvertones will provide music at our XYZ luncheon Thursday at 11:45 in the Fellowship Hall! And don't forget to bring a special offering for the Grenada Boys and Girls Club, our "Church Has Left the Building" project for this month!
Thanks to ALL who had a part in that fantastic Children's Christmas Program last Sunday! We are so very blessed with children, and with adults who are gifted in working with them! You can view the service (or revisit it) by going to our website, www.grenadafirst.com, and clicking, "Video Archives". From, there, just select the service you'd like to watch.
Tonight, Tuesday, Dec. 12, we are having a CPR and First Aid Class for our church workers with Children, especially Director of Children's Activities Amy Killebrew and Angel Keeper (Nursery worker!) Pam Boykin. I'll be there, too, as we get a refresher course. There is no higher calling than keeping our church's children safe and secure!
LAST WEDNESDAY NIGHT LIVE OF 2017! We’ll be watching and responding to a great DVD, "Flying Blind", which has been released by Franklin Graham. Make your reservations for the meal by NOON TODAY!
Please Note: Administrative Council meets Thursday at 6:00 to finalize our church's 2018 budget.
Thanks for your generosity! Our Samaritan Fund Offering last Sunday totaled nearly $2,000! Our Samaritan Committee immediately set up a whopping 13 Interviews with local folks in need of help with Utilities, Groceries, and their Faith in Jesus! Great, work, all of y'all!
BTW, you can give to the Samaritan Fund anytime (the need is definitely there!), and our next "official" offering day will be Sunday, January 7.
Speaking of January, our new Sunday Morning Sermon Series will begin on Jan. 7 and run all month. Get Back to the Bible, to Prayer, to Worship, and to Jesus in 2018!

Worship Services: Dec 17, PeaceTime and Traditions

  Dec. 24, PeaceTime, Traditions and 6:00 Candlelight Communion

  Dec. 31, Traditions service ONLY

Sara Miller will be our preacher for next Sunday's PeaceTime Service (8:30)!

College Student Christmas Breakfast will be held Sunday, Dec. 17, at 9:30 at Shoney's.

United Methodist Men will meet Monday, Dec. 18, and make our special presentation to the boys of the Joe Rowland Home! 6:00! 
Still need volunteers to light the candles for our Advent Worship Services. Here's what we have so far:
Dec. 17, PeaceTime, the Vance Family
Dec. 17, Traditions, _______________
Dec. 24, PeaceTime, ______________
Dec. 24, Traditions, The Dodd Family
Dec. 24, Candlelight Communion, the Potter Family

Let me know! Holyterror.tp@gmail.com, or 809-4161.
Our Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion Service will be at 6:00. Remember that it's casual dress, and that our special Christmas Eve Mission Offering benefits the Grenada Boys and Girls Club! Yes, they need your cash or check, but here's a "wish list" for the Club:

Mulch for their playground
Kitchenware-pots/pans, dishes, etc.
A Deep Freeze.
Interior Lighting.
Games for an XBox 360.
Room Sponsors and Volunteers!
Please be prayerfully generous in supporting this Vital Partner in our First UMC Mission! The Church Has Left the Building!
Well, Campers, that's about it from The Big House for this week. Stay warm, and remember,

"The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!" -Buddy the Elf