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First United Methodist Church, Grenada, MS
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Weekly E-Note from the Pastor
October 10, 2017

Good Morning, Campers! I hope this day finds you well!

How did Judas die?

Well, he took his own life by hanging, right? After the guilt set in for his betrayal of Jesus?

Matthew 27:5 tells us, "Throwing down the pieces of silver in the Temple, he departed; and he went out and hanged himself." (NRSV)

However, Acts 1:18 appears to tell it differently: "Now this man acquired a field with the reward of his wickedness; and falling headlong, he burst open in the middle and all his bowels gushed out." (NRSV)

Who's right? Matthew, or Luke?

Maybe it's both. Acts never actually tells us that's how Judas died, after all. St. Augustine believed that Judas hanged himself, then eventually the rope broke and he "fell headlong", and burst open. So there's that.

What if I told you it doesn't matter? 

The question is whether there are two accounts of Judas' death, or two different versions of the same act. But to focus on this question is to totally miss the important underlying question: where are the Disciples while Judas is hanging himself? 

Jesus had just finished serving Judas the Last Supper, along with the Twelve. Jesus didn't throw Judas out of the room. Judas leaves of his own volition. ​

Judas fails, miserably, in his discipleship. And he's all alone.

Sure, the other Disciples are hurt. They're disappointed. Disillusioned, too. Their throwing Judas under the bus is understandable.

But is it Christian? Now, I know I'm looking at this with 2000 years' worth of hindsight, but I see a disturbing parallel here:

Do we owe it to the Gospel to pursue our brothers and sisters in the faith after they've fallen?

Even more disturbingly, I think Jesus would say, "Yes."

I don't have any great solution here. Sorry. It's more of an observation. But if we're all brothers and sisters in Christ, joined at the heart, do we not have the obligation to love folks enough to go after them when they've sinned and gone off to be by themselves?

Still working on this one. And yet...

In Joy,

That's Bethany Boykin, receiving Christian Baptism last Friday in a private ceremony. She was joined by family and friends. Congratulations, Bethany!​
In my opinion, here's 6 Better Mascot Names than "Land Sharks":

1. Super Bass-A-Matic '76
2. Wayne's World
3. The Nerds
4. Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood
5. Two Wild and Crazy Guys
6. The Blues Brothers

Did you get this joke? Can you think of additions to the list? Respond at holyterror.tp@gmail.com
Things are tight financially at The Big House right now. Please give as you can. Our ministry is vital. God will use US to provide for it. Thank you.
Make your Wednesday Night Live meal reservations by NOON TODAY. And remember, suggested donation is $6 per person.
Max Lucado:"Anxious for Nothing" Series begins this week! 5:45 in the Fellowship Hall. Join us!
Tickets for the annual Harvest Dinner for the Grenada Soup Kitchen (November 3, 11:00-2:00) are on sale in the church office. Let's support this vital downtown ministry!
Thanks to Amy Killebrew and all who helped out for a wonderful Children's Fall Fest last Saturday!
And what a moving Children-Led Worship Service! Well done!
Thanks to all who turned out for our Blessing of the Animals service, too!
NEXT SUNDAY is Youth-Led Worship at 10:55!
Well, that's about it from The Big House for today. Y'all have a great day, and remember,

It's a sin to be good when you can be great. -Jim Collins. This describes our church to a "T"!