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First United Methodist Church, Grenada, MS
161 South Line St, Grenada, Mississippi 38901 - PH. (662) 226-3148 FAX. (662) 226-3162
We, at First United Methodist Church, invite you to come worship with us.  Our doors are open to all. 
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Rev. Tom Potter, Shannon, Jesse and Caleb
On Wednesdays(during the school year:
WEDNESDAY NIGHT LIVE A Peak in Your Week! Every Wednesday!
5:00pm meal begins 
5:30pm you can make your     “To Go” meals. 
5:45pm Bible Study begins

161 South Line Street
Grenada, MS 38901
2017 Acolytes for First UMC
Services on Sunday:

8:30am Peacetime Worship
9:45 am Sunday School Class
10:55 am Traditional Worship
5:30pm Refuge Youth Worship
Lenten Luncheons & preaching line up
(dining begins 11:45am & worship at 12:15pm)
March 7-Rev. Bob Cannizzaro 
March 14-Rev. Ed Temple 
March 21-Rev. Ricky Reece
March 28-Rev. Marjorie Walker 
April 4-Rev. Rick Shepherd
Plan NOW to carve out an hour per week during
 the season of Lent. 

1st-Matthew 6:1-6,16-21
2nd-Psalm 51:1-17
3rd-Philippians 2:5-11
4th-Philippians 2:12-18
5th-Matthew 16:13-20
6th-John 1:24-28 
7th-John 1:29-34
8th-John 3:16-17
9th-John 4:23-26
10th-John 4:39-42
11th-John 7:10-18
12th-Mark 12:28-34
13th-Joshua 24:14-15
14th-Exodus 20:1-3
15th-Micah 6:8
16th-Matthew 6:24

​1st-Matthew 5:7-10
2nd-John 1:1-18
3rd-Isaiah 40:21-23
4th-Genesis 1:1-3
5th-Psalm 8
6th-Psalm 14:1-3
7th-Psalm 19:1-6
8th-Psalm 24:1-6
9th-Matthew 21:1-11
10th-Hebrews 9:11-15
11th-Isaiah 49:1-7
12th-John 13:21-32
13th-1 Corinthians 11:23-26
14th-Isaiah 53:1-10
15th-John 19:38-42

Daily Lenten Scripture Readings

17th-Matthew 6:25-34
18th-Habakkuk 3:17-19
19th-John 8:1-11
20th-Psalm 141
21st-Isaiah 25:6-10
22nd-Isaiah 27:2-6
23rd-Isaiah 35:5-8
24th-Isaiah 35:9-10
25th-Acts 10:25-28
26th-Psalm 51:10-12
27th-Proverbs 22:17-18
28th-Isaiah 2:10-11
29th-Isaiah 10:20-23
30th-Matthew 4:1-4
31st-Matthew 5:1-6

"5 Bad Prayer Habits"

With help from Stephen Mattson, here are a few things to consider as we assess our prayer life:

Bad Habit #1: Cliches. We frequently try to swamp God with waves of spiritual cliches. Don't worry so much about sounding like someone else as you pray. Be yourself. Be honest. 

Bad Habit #2: Wish List Prayers. Beware of approaching God as a child appraoches Santa-with a wish list of demands.

Bad Habit #3: Talking Without Listening. Effective prayer is always a conversation. God responds to prayer, but how are we going to hear that if we don't listen?

Bad Habit #4: We Pray Alone. It can be very powerful, and very effective, to pray aloud, with others. We frequently neglect this fact.

Bad Habit #5: Inactive Prayers. Prayers without any follow-up action on our part are generally not effective.

No time like Springtime to break these Bad Habits!

In Joy,